Think Design has been a wonderful partner for the Spina Bifida Association over the last few years. Not only did they help to lead our new branding effort—including a very aggressive roll-out – but they continually work with us to find creative and cost-effective solutions to help us to achieve our mission. Their work is outstanding!”

—Cindy Brownstein, President and Chief Executive Officer, Spina Bifida Association

When Thinkdesign was referred to the Spina Bifida Association in 2005, we could have not imagined we would eventually rebrand their association from top to bottom.

Once SBA decided that Thinkdesign was the best firm for the job, we started with a complete communications audit, including interviews and surveys of SBA chapter leaders and board members. Data was gathered and presented to SBA. They liked our initial ideas, but had one stipulation: the original SBA logo be left as is. Keeping this in mind, Thinkdesign then produced a branding and identity guide that would serve as the blueprint for each new or revised project as we proceeded to create a new look across all SBA materials.

Four years later, we are still working on this graphic evolution, and keeping SBA’s brand in front of their audience with a consistent, yet dynamic look. A well thought out branding guide means your materials and message will look as vibrant and informative as they did when they were first launched.

SB Tween2Teen Site (X)HTML + CSS + Wireframing Visit Site

Tween / Teen Site for sharing and knowledge about Spina Bifida

SB Preparations Site (X)HTML + CSS + Wireframing + Logic Model Programming Visit Site

Site for sharing and knowledge about parents raising children with and living with Spina Bifida

20th Annual Roast and Raffle Materials Letterhead + Collateral + Website

20th Annual Roast and Raffle Materials

2009 Annual Conference Materials Letterhead + Collateral + Website

2009 Annual Conference Materials

Illuminations for Teens Concept + Brochure

Illuminations for Teens

Insights Magazine Magazine

Insights Magazine