Thinkdesign has been a valued resource to Contact Solutions for many years, so when it came to rebranding and redesigning our Web site, choosing them was an easy decision. Thinkdesign’s dedication to delivering creative solutions to our unique marketing and communications goals is why they continue to be our go-to agency.”

—Paul Logan, President and CEO, Contact Solutions, Inc.

To rebrand a corporation that had grown faster than it could communicate its message: that was the challenge presented to Thinkdesign by an existing customer, Contact Solutions, Inc. (CSI).

Thinkdesign had worked on Contact Solutions’ marketing and communications efforts for several years. Their superior product and service — plus our efforts — had meant growth and measurable results in marketing. But, there were still some missing pieces to the puzzle needed to complete their overall look and unique message.

Working closely with their new Marketing Director, Thinkdesign helped rewrite and redesign CSI’s entire suite of marketing materials, including website and logo. We combined our wide experience in organization rebranding with our expertise in creating user-friendly websites. Contact Solutions is now driving significantly more traffic to a better-organized and informative site.

Contact Solutions Website Redesign (X)HTML + CSS + Wireframing Visit Site

Contact Solutions Website Redesign

Logo Redesign

Contact Solutions Logo Redesign

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