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Therapeutic Type Fonts?

Posted on August 5th, 2011 by Mike

I started in the graphic arts business as a typographer in New York City in the days before the Flood. I spent much of my time trying to convince publishers that somebody using a computerized front-end system and photo-mechanical output could set type as well as a hot-lead linotype operator. (Does anybody out there besides a geriatric or a historian know what I am talking about?)

Anyway, I have always been a typeface nerd. I used to go to the annual Antiquarian Book Fair down at the Armory to admire old pages. I would read Ben Franklin’s correspondence with Giambattista Bodoni and avidly follow Franklin’s argument as to why typographers should retain the “long S” in their type styles. (Look it up!) Back then, typefaces used to have a lot more passion about them. (“Hey, you kids! Get off my lawn!”)

So, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the fascinating work of a young Dutch type designer with a passion to solve a problem. Check it out and enjoy: http://www.studiostudio.nl/project-dyslexie/

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