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These Thankful Times

Posted on November 19th, 2010 by Jeff

It’s almost that time of year again. The time when everyone gathers around a table and gobbles down too much turkey, stuffing and myriad spirits. While this is wonderful and what I look forward to most of the holiday season, I’ll be hopping a boat this Saturday bound for the Bahamas with my wife; so I figured what better time to say my thanks than now.

So, onward with what I’m thankful for:

#1 — Our Wonderful Clients

In this day and age it seems that no one’s job is safe; especially in the design / marketing field (typically what’s cut first in a clients trimmed budget). And with that, we have no one more important to thank these days than you all. The trust you place in us day after day to get the job done, done well, done quickly and effectively is the most important thing to us. Though it may not always be smooth sailing, the great two-way communication we helps to foster new ideas and new outlets for us to help with all your needs.

#2 — Advances In Web Typography

As I wrote about before, this year has seen leaps and bounds in the field of web typography. With Typekit and Google making it very simple to add hundreds of new fonts onto your sites, it’s really opening the doors to expanding web design to where it’s never been before. Too long had designers been limited in their type choices, and having to settle for what comes standard on your grandma’s Dell; not anymore!

But, as I stated before, this doesn’t mean that fundamentals of typography are necessarily being explored more than before. So, while this is generally great news, it doesn’t mean that typographic principals will be upheld as well.

#3 — WordPress.

I’m not sure what else I can say but I’m very thankful for the simplicity of WordPress. Especially with version 3, it’s as much of a CMS (define) as most anyone would need. Major kudos to the Automattic team.

#4 — The [Slow] Death of Internet Explorer

As I tweeted about a few times, our site visitors usage of Internet Explorer is really starting to take a down turn. And that is not a good thing. It’s a great thing! Over the last month, IE has only accounted for 12% of visitors, whereas Firefox and Chrome account for 41% and 36%, respectively. Plus, of those using IE, 72% are using IE8, 22% are using IE7, and only 6% are using IE6 Obviously Internet Explorer isn’t going to die, and that’s probably not a bad thing. Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Plus, Internet Explorer 9 is out (though only in beta), but it is looking much, much more promising than older iterations.

The reason why I’m particularly excited about older iterations of IE dying out is because they significantly limit the browsing experience that can be delivered to an end-user. While most people may not notice subtle differences between a modern browsers rendering of a website and older IE versions, it’s these subtle differences that often separate a great web designer from the pack. Plus, the older versions have many security* flaws that can easily be exposed by any hacker who’s worth his or her salt.

So, when you sit down to dig into your yummy feast next week, what will you be thankful for?

* I realize this is far more important to the general public, but not to me =)

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