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When I’m Swamped, Social Media Gets Hosed

Posted on October 8th, 2010 by Jeff

Too busy to think

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We’ve all been there; the deadline looming in a day or two, any time not spent on the project feels like a complete waste AND an eternity for that matter. So, of course, social media and blogging go the way of the dodo for a week or so. Or worse, maybe they just start to fade a bit overall in your overall goals.

It’s just to easy to let things go too often I find.

And this is perfectly justifiable and understandable. After all, client work is why we do what we do. We love the challenges, successes, and ups and downs (although not down time for a website). And, even to some degree, we enjoy the failures of our work, if we are able to learn from them. Moreover, this is what pays the bills of course.

So why then am I complaining about this? Because it’s my firm belief that social media is great break from the nuances of coding. Or templatizing, or strategizing, or anything we might do day to day. I find that it’s a great way to not only interact with those I might not normally, I also learn a lot more when I’m active online as opposed to sheltered with my headphones and snapping at anyone who walks in my general direction. I guess that sounds kind of obvious, but for me at least, not making time to stay active (mostly Twitter, although since I got my iPad, Flipbook sucks a large amount of my time) is really detrimental to my overall ability to give our clients the best.

I guess this is basically just a challenge to myself to not not make time for social media / e-learning, even when I’m swamped.

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