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Lack Of Emphasis On Renewals

Posted on October 29th, 2010 by Jeff

I’ve been working on some concepts for redoing a clients Membership page; both for new memberships and for renewals. Initially we were thinking of lumping them together, but then decided it would be a better route for the user to go with separate pages for each. I whipped up some comps and after a back and forth, we were satisfied with the main design for the new members page. But they wanted a different look for the renewals page–which I could and do agree with.

But what to change? And what to highlight? I struggled a bit with this as I am not any kind of contract subscription service customer, except with AT&T and my iPhone, so I wasn’t sure how best to communicate this. I first thought that tailoring the content would be a good enough solution–who knows when the last time a person was made aware of all the benefits their membership affords them? Thus leaving in the same visual highlighted benefits seemed to make sense to, but not to the client.

I searched numerous times on Google (note I didn’t verb google) for some decent examples, but time after time I came up empty. I tweeted for some references, but also came up empty. I searched for retention marketing and found a slew of info for this, but this isn’t REALLY retention marketing. All the good info I found was tailored to outreach to customers, not those who happen to land on this page.

After much contemplation, and thinking about what I would find useful, I just reused the content from the new members page, but remove all the micro-copy detailing what each benefit included. I’ve also included a link to view a snippet of each of the latest benefits–i.e. a chapter of recent book, an article from a magazine, the slides from a webinar, etc. To me, this would be a good value add-on; most likely I recall all the things I’ve gotten (at a high-level), but giving me recent samples would be very helpful as well.

Once the pages are built and live, I’ll post a picture and include a link.


We decided to scrap the two versions of this project and combine the differentiation back into the landing page, something I was hoping for.

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