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Fall’s Fantasy Colors

Posted on November 11th, 2010 by Nicole



Endive, Lipstick Red, Lagoon, Pantone’s Fall colors. The colors look warm, cozy and uplifting to me. A brightness to inspire shopping, motivation, anything to drive you to the mall to spend money and boost the economy.

It makes me wonder how much the name of the color adds to the allure of the colors for the new season. If Endive, was actually named pale yellow, and Lipstick Red, named hot pink, would I still embrace these colors? I doubt I would be as interested in them.

This reminds me of how important presentation is when unveiling a new creative concept, ad campaign or Web site. Since design is so subjective, almost as important as the strategy behind it is how you sell it. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about reducing my ecological footprint, but with everything being sent electronically and businesses trying to save money by not printing as much, or in color; we have to remember the importance of the fresh, new idea appeal, the inspiring taglines and motivating concepts would fall flat without a strong presentation and a good sales pitch. Adapting print designs to be presented in a stimulating way to clients over their computer screens is a new challenge.

I’d like to see Pantone try and come up with such catchy, inspiring names for all of those swatch colors. Now, that would be entertaining.

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